free improvisation
Karlheinz Essl – computer
Martin Mallaun – zither

Dumps, waysides, industrial waste lands — lush vegetation issues forth everywhere in the wake of human retreat. Plants come in with the wind, with the birds, creep out of the earth itself. The emerging landscape is haphazard, rich in species, in constant flux. Spontaneous structures come and go. Planning is not necessary for this unfolding of events, the protagonists themselves determine the outcome.
ruderals [wild vegetation] is a product of the musical encounter between two singular musicians — Karlheinz Essl, prominent spokesman of the European improvisational scene, with his self-developed computer instrument m@ze°2 , and Martin Mallaun, eminent sound researcher and innovator on the zither, a traditional instrument of the Alps. Far from the well-trodden paths of computer and zither “music” they break new ground, gaining unaccustomed musical perspectives, yielding a surprisingly rich world of sounds.