Duo Chassot/Mallaun

Viviane Chassot (CH) – Accordion
Martin Mallaun (A) - Zither

Two superb musicians, two unique instruments, one common project. Viviane Chassot and Martin Mallaun, highly creative individuals in their own right, have combined forces to create a musical sensation.

The Swiss accordionist Chassot is especially remembered for her epochal recording of Haydn piano sonatas, praised by Alfred Brendel as “one of the best. Appeal, control and sensitivity in wonderful alliance”. Austrian zither specialist Mallaun has a penchant for the subtleties of baroque lute music but is equally well versed in the intricacies of contemporary music and improvisation. “Under his hands the zither shrugs off its cliché-ridden dictates to become a versatile and expressive concert instrument.” (Max Nyffeler, Neue Zeitschrift für Musik)

Propelled by professional curiosity and a fascination with the unknown, Viviane Chassot and Martin Mallaun here transcend the confines of the tried-and-true to create remarkable music with rare musical means. Astounding: Accordion meets Zither. The result is a timely revival of John Dowland’s fragile Elizabethan lute music and François Couperin’s Baroque works, paired with select improvisations and thoughtfully chosen music of our day. New acoustical vistas open wide, and two remarkable instruments emerge from their hitherto shadowy existences.