tricky bridges

Andi Reiter – trombone, tenor horn, tuba, some singing and – of course - composition
Johannes Gasteiger – double bass, flutes, sansa, guitar and all sorts of noise-makers (the voice, for instance)
Martin Mallaun – zithers of all sizes, guitar, saxhorn, voice

tricky bridges, with their way-out instrumentalisation and creative ingenuity, cannot be pressed into any mold. Their concept of style lies somewhere between Bela Bartok and contemporary music, between tango and free improvisation, and they occasionally drift out into the realm of avant-garde-distorted Tyrolean folk songs.

Not only their diversity of preferred instruments, but also their diversity of personal backgrounds seem to act like glue, creating the defiant loyalty demonstrated by the three Tyroleans known as tricky bridges. Andi Reiter studied jazz trombone and most recently earns notice as the leader of a Big band and as a composer. Double-Bassist Johannes Gasteiger started as a classical musician but has since focused on contemporary music and jazz. And Martin Mallaun is the trained folk musician of the group. His key interests include ancient music and contemporary music, and in all his endeavors he seeks to fathom the acoustic vastness of the zither.

oh süßliebstes ferslein